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MRL Traction Suite Lift home lift

MRL Traction Suite Lift 

Comfortable and Smooth Ride



Safe for the whole family


Suite Lift: the home lift range for the whole family


GEARLESS MOTOR with OVERSPEED PROTECTION: the latest evolution in drive technology

ENERGY SAVING: with ultra-low friction drive (only 0.75 kW / 230 V). NOVA Elevators homelifts belong to CLASS A“rating in the energy classification category (ref. VDI 4707-1).


  • NO OIL required with the Gearless Drive;
  • automatic lighting switch off when in stand-by mode;
  • the gearless drive does not require re-levelling function, thus avoiding starting of the motor when not in use.

SILENT like no other: the gearless motor and the drive system are characterized by a noiseless operating system: perfect for installation in residential contexts.

SPACE-SAVING & VERSATILE with optional glass shafts

  • reduced pit (200 mm);
  • reduced headroom (2600 mm).

MRL SYSTEM: the drive system is installed inside the compartment (Machine Room Less, i.e. without machine room), and does not take up space inside or outside the building.

DESIGN MADE IN ITALY: NOVA Elevators offers sophisticated materials and fine cabin lines,to adapt the home lift to the style of your home.

TOTAL COMFORT inside the cabin with a wide range of accessories available.

ULTIMATE in SMOOTH RIDE QUALITY with VVVF controlled soft Start&Stop.



  • all home lift systems are equipped with an acoustic signal in case of overload;
  • the cabin and floor LCD displays indicate the direction of travel and communicate useful information to the passengers.

SMART TELESCOPIC DOORS monitor that obstacles are clear. Home lift entrances are integrated with an infra-red curtain: unmatched realiability, with smooth operation.

AUTOMATIC RETURN TO THE FLOOR IN CASE OF BLACK-OUT: the battery is equipped with a double control system of the charge, to allow the automatic return to the floor in the event of a blackout.

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