Made in Italy

Italy is worldwide renowned for our high quality products as well as for the competence and expertise of our designers.

The excellence of Italian manufacture means accuracy, safety, care for details and represent the quality of Made in Italy homelifts.

All NOVA home lifts are completely designed and manufactured in Italy, in order to provide customers with maximum quality and full control on every manufacturing process.


Excellence of Italian manufacture

Italian Excellence

Italian Excellence does not simply mean “made in Italy”: this statement means a commitment to taste, style and quality which distinguishes our country in several industries, including the manufacture of home lifts.

Attention to detail

Our Made in Italy home lifts represent a combination of know-how and skill: making elegant and refined products that are durable, reliable and efficient. The care and attention given to NOVA home lifts is unique, as is the search for aesthetics and design, embodied in the wide range of customisation available and in the completely tailor-made design process.