Compact Suite small lifts for renovations

Compact Suite small lifts for renovations are designed for existing buildings, as part of modernisation and renovation projects: maximum design flexibility that adapts to your environment!

Compact Suite home lifts for renovations are custom-designed according to requirements and available space (including narrow stairwells), complying with current regulations and guaranteeing maximum safety for all users.

Starting from 70 cm width!

Solutions for narrow spaces

In these cases, Compact Suite small lifts for renovations offer the ideal solution: they are completely custom-made, feature a reduced headroom and pit, and therefore do not involve massive masonry work. Furthermore, finishes and accessories can be customised to create the perfect home lift for every context. 

Safety and comfort

NOVA home lifts ensure a smooth and silent ride, preserving the highest quality standards for all users, such as the automatic return-to-floor in case of power failure.

All our products are manufactured with attention to energy efficiency and the environment, in order to reduce consumption and pollution.

Bespoke Design

Home lifts for any location: new or existing buildings, indoor or outdoor, public or private spaces


Our customers always acknowledge our attention to detail and the highest quality standards

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient home elevators that reduce volume and maximize available space 

Safety and comfort

Our products ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all users, turning it into a pleasant experience


Classy and elegant
small lifts with refined shapes and valued materials 

Hydraulic & Gearless homelifts

Compact Suite home lift for renovations is available in hydraulic version.

The hydraulic version allows the highest level of flexibility in terms of size, in order to fit in narrow stairwells.


Metal structure

Compact Suite home lift cabin moves inside a metal shaft.

NOVA’s metal structures present a variety of solutions with glass and metal profiles suitable for any type of project, including the possibility
to fit into small stairwells, starting from just 70 cm in width.


Swing doors

Folding doors

The Compact Suite small lift features swing doors (either blind or glazed) which can be combined with cabin folding doors to ensure automatic operation.

All doors are available in a wide variety of finishes and customization options, in order to accomplish an elegant design in harmony with the surrounding environment.

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