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Tag: energy efficiency

MRL Traction Suite Lift home lift

MRL Traction Suite Lift  Comfortable and Smooth Ride Space-Saving Energy-Saving Safe for the whole family

Energy Efficiency Catalogue

ENERGY EFFICIENCY it is a core value for us, and a duty we owe to

Residential Green Elevators for EcoDesign Projects

Sustainability and low consumption: the challenge of ecodesign for vertical transport systems What is “ecodesign”?

Outdoor Suite Lift with insulated shaft

The outdoor Suite Lift with insulated shaft employs a weather-resistant glass Where NOVA Elevators designed

NOVA says NO to disposable plastic bottles

With the new water dispensers we have eliminated 3,600 disposable plastic bottles per year. Together

With 100% Recyclable Coffee NOVA reduces CO2 emissions

With a coffee a day, NOVA Elevators meets the environment! The 100% recyclable plastic cups

Installation of a traction home lift Suite Lift in a modern house

A modern electric Traction Home Lift for a house that tends to the future and

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