Design homelifts

Can a homelift be elegant, refined and with an attractive design, which reflects the tastes and style of those who live in the environment in which it is installed?

Design and fine details to bring luxury and elegance into your life.

Everything is possible with NOVA! Details which matter to customers also matter to NOVA, who dedicates research and study to get the best finishes, the finest materials, the details that make the difference.

Tailored projects

A lift must be more than useful, safe and technologically advanced: it also has to be beautiful and add value to the house where it is installed. Aesthetically appealing solutions come from NOVA’s research and attention to details: every NOVA homelift comes with a massive range of finishes. 

Attention to detail

Bright stainless steel, glasses creating transparency and texturized paint are only a few of the materials that NOVA Elevators provides for its homelifts together with a constant study on shapes, fine details and custom made design tomake your lift a real interior design item.

Refined materials

Glazed panels, stainless steel, several different door styles, many colors and materials o fully customize the cabin and the metal structure, ranging from PVC to granite, from timber laminate cladding to skinplate panels, we have selected these options to create unique and exclusive designs.