NOVA Elevators as a synonym of Quality

By this short, but effective statement NOVA Elevators reaffirms the importance of fulfilling the commitments taken with Customers.

Honoring commitments is the main value that is able to generate satisfaction and convey trust towards NOVA from its customers: shared and valued between all our employees, it represents the core of the company development.

NOVA Elevators works in an organized way where professionalism, experience, determination, and effectiveness are the daily ingredients for quality production. The corporate values communicated to customers, direct and indirect collaborators, and to all stakeholders interested in the world NOVA is a distinctive sign and the reason to belong to the Company.

As a consequence, the heads of the company departments, who report directly to the Management, are required within their area of responsibility to identify their own performance indicators and objectives in line with those of the company to monitor them personally in order to verify their achievement or to discuss any divergence with the Management, in order to find the most suitable solution.

Management, supported by the Quality Manager, is committed to ensuring that criteria, principles, methods, and strategies adopted for quality management are constantly implemented and respected by the Company’s staff and its suppliers.

NOVA Elevators