The new lift code

CODE platform lift is NOVA Elevators’ innovative cabinless electric homelift, designed for indoor use in private and residential buildings.

Its modern and elegant look is combined with maximum functionality, making the CODE platform lift a design furniture.

Thanks to its minimal style and panoramic solutions, CODE homelift becomes the true protagonist of the house.

New homelift 2024


CODE platform lift is supplied fully equipped with a wide array of finishes to grant the user maximum versatility.

CODE standard version is equipped with touch screen display, custom lighting system, touch-sensitive handrail, smartphone app and full-glass automatic doors.

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Safety & Comfort

CODE platform lift ensures maximum comfort to all users thanks to its belt-driven system, which allows a smooth, extremely silent and vibration-free ride.

It guarantees the highest safety standards, such as the anti-crush system (patent pending) with sensors installed on the platform edges.

The revolution for your living

call at landings

NOVA CODE, in its standard version, is equipped with an innovative, touch-sensitive call system at landings: just place the hand on the square opaline frame installed on the panoramic shaft  upright to immediately activate the lift call.

Low energy

NOVA CODE has been designed to minimise power consumption, thanks to the electric drive with brushless motor: a susainable choice and an excellent long-temr investement to optimize enegy use and significantly reduce maintenance costs.


NOVA CODE is equipped with a smart handrail, acting both as lighting element and hold-to-run function, thanks to the integrated sensing system (patent pending): activate the movement of the platform by leaning on the handrail after selecting the desired floor.

Touch Screen

NOVA CODE is equipped with a 15.6″ touch screen display, which allows to select floors and manage various options such as RGBW lighting, welcome message, screen backgrounds and system diagnostics for technicians, accessible also via smartphone app.


All NOVA CODE mechanical components are installed behind the central column (patent pending), optimizing volume (just 5 cm pit required, no external cabinets for electronic switchboard needed) and increasing available space on the platform.

Scenic lighting

Light is the true protagonist of NOVA CODE, thanks to the arrangement of different light sources.

Two cuts of light are positioned on the corners of the central column, as well as LED lights installed on the handrail.

LED strips on the sides project light onto the back wall and into the shaft. Possibility to change colours and intensity.

Panoramic shaft

NOVA CODE platform lift is supplied with a panoramic shaft, which requires fixings to a load-bearing wall and floor slabs.

The whole environment becomes lighter thanks to full height panoramic glazing.

Full-Glass automatic doors

CODE homelift is supplied with double panel full-glass automatic doors, perfectly matching the environment thanks to the panoramic glazing.

They are equipped with quiet motors integrated in the door frame, which offer a space-saving solution.

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