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Two “twin” outdoor home lifts installed in Germany

“Twin” outdoor home lifts for a residential complex in Ibbenbüren, Germany: complete lifting solutions with minimum impact on the aesthetics of the building, thanks to their flexible and compact dimensions.


In the town of Ibbenbüren, located in the German region of Nordrhein-Westfahlen, NOVA Elevators has installed two outdoor Suite elevators in two condos which are part of the same residential complex.

Why the Suite Lift home lift?

The customer was looking for two transport systems with compact volumes, but whose dimensions were in line with the local norms of accessibility and transportation of disabled people on a wheelchair (cabin 1100 x 1400).

Not only does the Suite Lift  meet such requirements thanks to its particularly flexible dimensions, but it also ensures a low energy consumption.

How is the home lift manufactured?

Both lifts are manufactured with:

  • Metal shafts with metal panels painted in RAL 7016 (antrax grey).
  • Marilyn swing doors with transparent glass to allow the passage of natural light inside the lift
  • the cabin is equipped with mirror and handrail

The secret of a perfect installation

NOVA Elevators fitted the shaft and the landing doors with an anti-rust treatment, which can resist cold German winter temperatures.

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