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Residential Green Elevators for EcoDesign Projects

Sustainability and low consumption: the challenge of ecodesign for vertical transport systems

Ascensore esterno panoramico classe A - Nova Elevators
Outdoor home elevator in a CLASS A house.

What is “ecodesign”?

Green design or ecodesign is a responsible product development system from many points of view: environmental, ethical, economic and social.

To “Ecodesign” means to design and to manfacture with the well-being of the environment and of the society in mind.

In which business sectors is it applied?

Ecodesign is applied in construction, urban planning, interior and industrial design, in engineering, in the fashion industry and in the design of home products and technologies.

Green design principles

The Green design follows some basic principles, equally valid for the design and manufacture of home products and technologies:

  • low consumption
  • energy efficiency
  • minimal environmental impact
  • quality and durability
  • minimal aesthetic impact

For NOVA Elevators, being environmentally responsible means producing vertical transport solutions with low energy consumption and at the same time reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities.

How does NOVA Elevators adopt the green design principles?

Low consumption and energy efficient home lifts

The Suite Lift home lift range is certified with CLASS A energy efficiency rating according to the measurement of the VDI 4707-I guidelines of the Association of the German Engineers.

To reach energy efficiency results, the car weight is balanced to reduce energy consumption.

suite lift energy efficiency

The Suite Lift home lift requires very low power: the electric version with a capacity of 300 kg consumes 100 kW/h per year, with an absorbed power of only 0.75 kW, less than a vacuum cleaner!

All Suite Lift elevators are equipped with a standard Stand-by system: the cabin lights switch off automatically when not in use to reduce consumption to a minimum.

The outdoor Suite Lift installed in a metal shaft can be insulated with insulating material and with thermal glass with a thermal transmittance index of up to 1.1 W(m2K).

The weather resistant swing door Marilyn TH have a thermal transmittance index 4 times more efficient than a standard swing door for lifts available on the market nowadays (*).

(*)Calculation carried out in accordance with the norm UNI EN 10077-1.2 by Zephir- ZEPHIR Passivhaus Italia is the Italian institute officially accredited  by Passivhaus Institute.


The gearless motor, which can be installed on all electric Suite Lift elevators, is capable of delivering the necessary power based on the load in the cabin. It optimizes consumption in real time: if the lift is empty it requires less power, thus decreasing energy consumption.

When not in use, the domestic lift Suite Lift authomatically switches off the system  and reactivates it when necessary, just like the new cars with Start&Stop System.

Thanks to these technologies, the consumption of the Suite Lift is reduced by up to 70%.

It can be used simultaneously with other appliances, such as the washing machine or the oven, without increasing the capacity of a domestic household of 3 kW.

Quality and durability of NOVA Elevators home lifts 

The long life cycle of an elevator allows to reduce the ecological footprint deriving from the production process.

The materials used are also highly resistant to wear over time and the different parts of the lift (metal sheets, electrical components, glass coatings, sheaths, cables, etc.) can be dematerialized in the disposal and recycling plants.

Aesthetic impact of NOVA Elevators home lifts

Ascensore a Modena con vetro termico
Residential lift with thermal-insulated glass.

NOVA Elevators conceives, designs and manufactures the Suite Lift range to reduce the consumption and the environmental impact.

The panoramic external structures made of transparent glass, as well as the wide range of finishes and materials, allows to create home elevators perfectly integrated with the aesthetics of the building.

Attention to the aesthetic impact is particularly important for the renovation or modernization of buildings or for the installation of home lifts inside buildings protected by the Fine Arts.

Environmental impact of the home lifts

NOVA Elevators puts into practice the correct disposal of production waste by differentiating and recycling the materials, from the steel sheets inside the production department to the paper and plastic inside the offices.

The Suite Lift is produced in a production plant that employs a 100 kW photovoltaic system, which guarantees the supply of 70% of the plant energy needs. The remaining 30% of energy needed is produced by a certified supplier that guarantees energy production exclusively from renewable sources.

NOVA Elevators uses innovative high energy efficiency machineries for the construction of the elevators.

The Laser Cutting machine with Optical Fiber, for example, requires a 50% lower capacity in kW than similar traditional machines.

The company drastically reduced the consumption of plastic by eliminating it from vending machines and from the company canteen. NOVA Elevators also encourages the use of branded aluminum bottles for continuous refills of microfiltered fresh water.



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