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Outdoor Suite Lift with insulated shaft

The outdoor Suite Lift with insulated shaft employs a weather-resistant glass


NOVA Elevators designed a Suite Lift with heat-insulation and reflective glass in Modena – Northern Italy.

The external insulated shaft is adjacent to the brick wall of a modern 3-storey house.

Why an external home lift with insulated shaft?

The installation of an elevator was indispensable after an accident that forced the owners of the property to completely review domestic mobility.

Thermal insulation, energy efficiency

Thanks to the bronze-colour stopsol and thermal-insulated shaft, the Suite Lift residential lift is directly accessible from the indoor without causing heat loss or sudden changes in temperature. The solution designed by NOVA combines accessibility, thermal insulation and low consumption.

The secret of a perfect installation

The Suite lift solved aesthetic and functional issues:

  • access to the cabin from inside the villa without temperature changes and heat loss;
  • removal of architectural barriers to access the rehabilitation gym at the upper floor;
  • space inside the cabin to accommodate a wheelchair and an additional user;
  • semi-panoramic wall that enhances the external courtyard and leaves room for natural light;
  • cost reduction, with a low consumption and thermal-insulating system.

To obtain total thermal insulation between the Suite Lift and the house, NOVA Elevators assembly team teamed up with the customer’s engineer, completing the insulation of the roof of the metal shaft.

The collaboration has made it possible to design and build a truly customized Suite Lift outdoor lift for the owners.

Other details of the residential Suite Lift

Different materials, finishes and colors allow the personalization of the residential lift.

The “signal brown” metal structure (RAL 8002) and the reflective thermal glass create aesthetic continuity with the external brick wall, the windows of the house and the courtyard flooring in terracotta.

The landing doors are painted in cream white (RAL 9001) while the cabin has black PVC floor and Skinplate walls (PPS10), to fit into the modern furnishings of the villa.

Thanks to the countless possibilities of combining different materials, shapes and styles, the external home lift in metal and glass structure is no longer just an element installed by necessity: transparency, the natural light and the refraction of the sun add brightness to the house, with a low environmental impact.


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