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How much does an indoor homelift cost? Prices and factors

If you need to install an indoor homelift in your apartment, you’ve probably already asked yourself the question: “How much does an indoor homelift cost? What are the prices on the market and what do they depend on?”

A more than legitimate question, after all, the purchase of an indoor homelift is an important decision, and it’s right to have a general idea of the prices in order to assess the budget you can invest. Let’s try to make things easier for you with this guide.

When we talk about homelifts and accessibility, we don’t just mean the ability to access one’s home independently. Certainly, indoor elevators are the ideal solution for disabled people or those with mobility issues who want to fully enjoy their home. But in this case, we want to talk about how affordable homelifts really are.

How much does an indoor homelift cost? The relevant factors

Establishing a generic price for a homelift would be impossible. Rather, it’s fair to identify a price range to work within. This is because the price of an indoor homelift depends on various factors. Among them, it is necessary to consider:

  • Size: as it’s understandable, generally, a small home lift designed to carry a single standing passenger with a load capacity of 150 kg is cheaper than an elevator for 4 people with a 400 kg duty load;
  • Masonry works: creating a hole on the floor, cutting stairwells and other building operations have an impact on the final price;
  • Traction: the prices of a hydraulic home elevator are cheaper in comparison to electric ones;
  • Number of floors: a homelift which connects only 2 floors has a lower price than one designed to serve 4 floors;
  • Indoor or outdoor location: an indoor homelift is cheaper than an outdoor one;
  • Shaft type: a metal shaft results ina  higher quote;
  • Automatic or hold-to-run operation: automatic homelifts are more complex, and this aspect affects the final cost of the device;
  • Optional features: the numerous customization options obviously result in an increase in the cost of the indoor homelift.

Price Range for an Indoor Mini Elevator

After analyzing how much an indoor homelift costs, it’s fair that customers have a general estimate of the costs currently available on the market before making a purchase. The price range often varies depending on the property’s characteristics: an indoor homelift connecting 2 floors will undoubtedly cost less than an elevator for 6 floors with complex accessories and masonry work. That being said, you can, of course, contact us to request a quote for your homelift.

It sis important to know that each country has tax incentives which reduce the cost of the home elevator if you fall into eligible categories. It should also be considered that there is a significant economic return in terms of property value, which can increase its market value up to 20%.

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