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Homelifts for apartments: life-revolutionizing innovations

There are innovative solutions designed to revolutionize and improve the lives of those who choose them. Often, we don’t realize how much they can elevate the quality of life until we can enjoy their benefits. And then we wonder how we previously lived without them. On the other hand, some solutions can become absolutely necessary over time. One example are homelifts for apartments.

In an apartment block, where dozens of families and people of all ages live together, it is not uncommon to encounter mobility needs for various reasons: the presence of elderly people, families with mobility problems due to injuries, or simply the desire of the eighth-floor resident to reach their apartment after shopping without having to climb flight after flight of stairs

When there isn’t enough space in the apartment block to accommodate a classic elevator, you can opt for homelifts for apartments to overcome architectural barriers and facilitate vertical movement without facing invasive masonry work. Let’s see why homelifts for apartments are an innovative solution.

Homelifts for apartments: innovation at the service of safety and comfort

Homelifts for apartments ensures a smooth and silent ride, maintaining the highest safety standards for all users, such as automatic floor return in case of a blackout. 

The presence of a homelift inside or outside the apartment blockcan have a positive impact on the living comfort of all users. It’s an excellent solution if there are elderly people or those with severe disabilities among the residents. 

Homelifts can  feature spacious cabins to accommodate a wheelchair and assistants if necessary, while optimizing space in any location. A homelift can offer various options and accessories to ensure cabin safety. Additionally, the elevators feature a smooth and jolt-free ride.

Homelifts for apartments: design and energy efficiency

Homelifts for apartments are available in two versions: hydraulic and electric. In particular, the electric homelift with Gearless motor guarantees high energy efficiency (<0.75 KW at 230V, comparable to a regular household appliance), optimizing the system’s consumption in real-time based on usage. The hydraulic version guarantees extensive dimensional flexibility for both interiors and exteriors.

With style, elegance, and refined materials and shapes, the presence of a homelift inside or outside the apartment block significantly increases the property’s value. A homelift also numerous optional customization possibilities, including 10 types of plastic laminate, 5 stainless steel finishes, 10 standard RAL paint coatings with a wrinkled texture, and the entire RAL range for the walls. Even the homelift’s lighting can be customized with LED panels and false ceilings to create suggestive light effects in the cabin.

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