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Costs and advantages of a home elevator for private house

Home elevator for private house : how to install them and what are the advantages.

The option of installing a home elevator in a private house is increasingly being considered by many people. Among the many advantages, the reduction of effort and the elimination of architectural barriers are the most important.

Does it pay to install a home elevator for private house? This is the question many people ask themselves before evaluating different quotes. Let’s see, therefore, the differences between a lift and a home lift and what regulations apply. 

Differences between lifts and home lifts

Before going into detail, it is important to understand a small but crucial difference. A lift is considered tas a system capable of accommodating a building of up to ten storeys and more. Both construction and maintenance costs are significantly higher than a home lift. In the second case, we speak of a system capable of maximum efficiency in buildings of two to four storeys.

Indoor or outdoor : different regulations

As said before, the construction of a home lift must comply with certain rules. A difference must be made between an indoor and an outdoor home lift, according to current regulations. In the first case, the installation falls under the case of free building work. If the intervention affects the load-bearing structure, a special procedure must be followed. According to the Ministerial Decree of 2 March 2018, the implementation of an indoor home lift does not require an application to the municipality and its approval. This decree was specifically designed to facilitate the removal of architectural barriers. If the home lift is installed outdoors, the work does not fall under free building work. The reason concerns the installation of the system next to a building that did not provide for it. For this reason, one or more applications must be submitted depending on the condition of the property and the presence of any constraints.

Home lift prices

A private home lift can have variable prices based on the number of floors it is to serve. The estimate can also vary depending on special requirements or customisation. The cost of a lift for a two-storey house varies between €15,000 and € 20,000. There are mainly two types of mini-elevators that differ in the type of drive: electric or hydraulic. In the first case, installation costs are not high but more electrical power may be required. In the second case, the installation cost is higher but the power consumption is much lower. Electric home lifts start at € 13,000 while hydraulic home elevators start at € 20,000.

Home lift size requirements

Usually the dimensions of a home elevator for private house, regardless of the specific building, are standard. The minimum dimensions are mainly taken into account for the depth and the door opening space on the short side (1.20m and 0.80cm respectively). Equally important is the space distribution in front of the car (1.40m x 1.40m).

Installing a home lift in a private house can satisfy some essential needs, such as freedom of movement and can also represent an interesting investment to increase the value of the property.

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