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Category: Purchase guide

Homelifts for apartments: life-revolutionizing innovations

There are innovative solutions designed to revolutionize and improve the lives of those who choose

Homelift for private house: what you need to know

If you have just decided that a homelift for private house may be a valid

Homelifts: the best solution for small spaces in any context

Not everyone is lucky enough to afford a large house. In fact, contrary to what

How much does an indoor homelift cost? Prices and factors

If you need to install an indoor homelift in your apartment, you’ve probably already asked

Homelift for a private house: benefits and costs

Homelift for a private house, benefits and costs. One of the consequences of Coronavirus pandemic

Lift Bonus 2024 in Italy for the removal of architectural barriers: how it works, how to apply and requirements

We have already explained how choosing an elevator or a homelift for an apartment or

Indoor homelifts for small apartments: the pleasure of living your home with full autonomy

There is a great difference between living in your own home and simply inhabiting it.

Homelift in a private villa, purchase guide: which one to choose, requirements, and advantages

Isn’t a villa immersed in the natural environment one of the most coveted projects for

Lift quotation: how to save money

Installing a lift in an apartment block or a building is often a crucial necessity.

Homelift price: how to amortise the cost

Although home elevators represent the ideal alternative to ensure vertical mobility in every apartment building,

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