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Stainless steel, glass and brick-walls in Venice

NOVA designed and manufactured an outdoor glazed lift in an historical building of the XIII century in Venice.


NOVA Elevators installed an outdoor lift in glass and mirror stainless steel in an historical building bound to the Sopraintendence of Fine Arts situated in San Polo, Venice. It is the first Suitelift installed in Venice.

Why the Suite Lift for your house?

Mister Caberlotto, one of the flat owner of this building, wanted to install a lift in his building and chose NOVA Elevators becuase able to satisfy all requirements coming from all the home owners and from the Sopraintendence of Fine Arts.

The design of this panoramic lift was studied and agreed with the owners, builder and the Superintendence of Fine Arts, aiming at a tailor-made solution. The target was to adapt the Suitelift to the building style, considering all the technical issues related to the high water situations typical of Venice. The final result of this home lift matched the above target and was highly customized, satisfyng the wishes of all parts involved, including the famous Indian architect Mr. Kapoor, user if this luxury Suitelift.

The installation site might have trouble due to high sea-water till a meter height. NOVA selected the parts with special care to ensure the perfect running of the lift and ensuring the high-quality finishes.

How was the lift designed and manufactured?

The panoramic lift was designed with the gearless motor to ensure silence and energy efficiency.

The outdoor lift includes a steel tower in glass and mirror stainless steel to respect the instructions coming from the Sopraintendence of Fine Arts. The landing doors are “FullGlass” while the car folding door enable the automatic operation in cabin as well. Furthermore NOVA provided the bridge walks and glass canopy at the top floor to protect the users when raining.

The steel structure in mirror stainless steel Aisi 316 shines in all its brightness nearby the historcial building of Sestiere S. Polo. The lift is more than 17 mt height reaching the 4th floor, interrupted only by the three bridge walks between the lift and the building. NOVA chose the hot dip galvanised steel to prevent all troubles related to the rust.

The secret of a perfect installation

NOVA selected the materials able to customize the homelift with the nice finishes wanted by the owners and the Sopraintendence of Fine Arts and preventing the technical issues that could affect the lift. The stainless steel ensures a better resitance to the seaside atmosphere.

Mr. Caberlotto was very happy to ride this lift for the first time together with a NOVA engineer, sharing his satisfaction regarding the perfect result of this job.

Congratulations to all NOVA staff for the great job: you succed to find the perfect balance between the technical solution of managing the issue of the rising seawater and the nice finishes that give brightness to the building where the Suite was installed.

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