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Two indoor home lifts in the heart of Bordeaux


In Rue Fondaudege, an ancient medieval street in the center of Bordeaux which today houses numerous businesses and historic residences.

Two Suite Lift home lifts – one in panoramic shaft and one in masonry shaft, are installed among these ancient buildings.

Thanks to NOVA Elevators local partner Aquitaine Ascenseurs and to Jorge dos Santos, sales agent.

The secret of a perfect installation

“A slice of cake!” was the exclamation of the architect Massie Nicolas of the Studio Agence de l’Arsenal when he admired the complete home lift.”

The Suite Lift home elevators, installed by Acquitaine Ascenseurs, are a constant satisfaction. The various projects that our studio developed with NOVA Elevators have always reached technical and aesthetic solutions that have largely satisfied our customers.”
Nicolas Massie – Cabinet de L’Arsenal, Bordeaux

>> See more photos of the semi-circular indoor lift installed by Aquitaine Ascenseurs for the Cabinet de l’Arsenal Studio.

Features of the Panoramic Suite Lift home lift

Metal Shaft

  • Indoor Suite Lift home lift with INCAS metal shaft (Cuzco model)
  • Metal cladding in RAL painting 7016 (antrax grey) with one panoramic cladding in glass

Cabin finishes:

  • 4 stops-home lift with hydraulic drive
  • Cabin walls and vertical pushbutton panel covered in F12PPS Skinplate stainless steel effect and a semi-panoramic wall
  • Folding cabin door
  • Panoramic swing door at landing (GRETA) with transparent door, flush handle and RAL painted in standard grey (7016)
  • White roof with LED cabin lighting
  • Black PVC floor, washable and resistant to foot traffic
  • Door finishes in satin stainless steel


  • Alarm bell
  • LED lamps cabin light with stand-by energy-saving mode and emergency light at power off
  • Automatic relevelling and emergency release operations in case of power failure

Command and Signals

Central Operating Panel: call buttons, alarm buttons, emergency STOP switch and overload signal;
At landing: call buttons, present and busy cabin signals, alarm bell


The second Suite Lift home lift is installed in the cellars of the adjacent building and allows connection to the basement.

The lift in masonry shaft is installed in the cellars for storing wine.

  • Masonry shaft with Hydraulic Drive
  • Landing swing door EMMA model, RAL painted (7037 powder grey), with “C” handle
  • Cabin walla and COP in F12PPS Skinplate (stainless steel look), black PVC floor
  • Telephone inside cabin
  • IR light curtain to protect the cabin entrance
  • Enabling key inside cabin



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