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Transparent elevator? We made it in Montepulciano

Imagine a transparent lift from which you can admire the surrounding environment, immersed in the winemaking tradition and the evocative landscapes of Chianti. No longer need to use your imagination: it became reality in a large winery in Montepulciano, one of the richest areas in Italian history and charm.

It is a project fulfilled through the attention to the smallest details, the result of incredible teamwork always interacting closely with the customer. A tailor-made lift, which enriches the building with light illusions and modernity.



Montepulciano, where wine, charm, and history meet

Montepulciano is a unique land of its kind, perched on top of a hill, from which the south of Tuscany embraces the vanishing point of passion and tradition, between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. Here stands a medieval town that preserves unique villages and elegant Renaissance buildings, splendid squares, and other small hidden corners.

Agricultural and wine-growing realities have been able to carry ancient traditions to the present day, giving us unmistakable flavors that the whole world envies us.

We were called to the heart of this ancient territory to create a structure as transparent as possible, from which each of us could admire the surrounding reality.

The purpose was to install a light lift integrating it perfectly into the architecture and aesthetics of the building, recently revisited to emphasize the winemaking process, from the areas of first transit of the grapes to the refining and aging room of the wine product.

We thus discovered how technology can sit at a table with a Rosso di Montepulciano DOC.


Transparent and light lift: this is how we have preserved the magic of Tuscany

Creating a work of this kind means studying every detail, especially to ensure the passage of natural light, solar radiation and offer natural visual contact with the surrounding environment.

For this reason, we have chosen a special INCAS Nova Elevators structure with extra-clear laminated glass, perfectly adaptable to the dimensions of the chosen compartment.


The solution? Glass as an ally

In this context, an important node of the project was to maintain the characteristics of glass – transparency, compactness, and lightness – despite the size of the panels to allow maximum visibility with no visible junctions between the components.

So how to deal with the fragility of the material?

To guarantee the total safety of the fixing of the extra-clear glass panels, Nova Technical Dept. tested and verified all the processes and the tightness of the materials, including ad hoc designed glazing beads. As the result of the checks, laminated glass was used, also called “safety” glass, interspersed with an adhesive sheet in PVB plastic.

In case of breakage or accidental impact, the layer of plastic material avoids the flaking of the glass sheets and resists the detachment of splinters or dangerous fragments.

In addition to safety, the laminated glass makes it possible to increase the level of comfort during the race thanks to the thermal and acoustic insulation safeguarded by the NOVA experience. Thermal insulation ensures to make every journey more efficient, without causing heat loss or sudden temperature changes. Moreover, Acoustic insulation reduces both the airborne noise, produced directly by the elevator itself and the structural one, produced by the vibrations (low-frequency noise) of the building structures.


Tradition meets modernity

The final result of this complex operation is a work at the service of tradition, capable of integrating and enriching the building with an element of modernity without intruding on the architectural form.

The metal structure, completely covered in glass, embellishes the whole architectural unit, giving a unique character to the living spaces of the Montepulciano company, a real Tuscan gem of wine production.

The transparent and light lift made in Nova is in harmony with the architectural aggregate just like the perfect union between traditional and innovative wine production methods practiced by the winery.


A team effort

None of this could have happened without a constructive and constant dialogue between all the parts, starting from the client’s desire to the study of the engineers, up to the Nova assembly team. The latter played a fundamental role in the delivery and in assembling all the components following the design indications of the technicians.

This is part of the approach of a large family of professionals, who maintain precision and teamwork as real personal values shared with the company.




Do you have a project in mind that involves a transparent and light lift? Contact us now, our team will answer you as soon as possible.

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