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Indoor Suite Lift for the University of Luxembourg

Accessibility for University Campus in the heart of the Grand Duchy.


Science, culture, innovation, multiculturalism, research and development: these are the cornerstones of the very modern University of Luxembourg, and it is here that NOVA has installed an indoor Suite elevator.

Founded in 2003, the young University hosts a dynamic staff of over 850 people, including researchers, scientists, professors and students, and the three campuses in which it is divided are located a few kilometers from the main European institutions and financial centers of the country.

The Belval campus area hosts the Restopolis Restaurant, where the Suite indoor elevator has been installed.

Low environmental impact, high accessibility: that’s why the Suite Lift was chosen

The main ingredients of the Suitelift installation are aesthetic impact, functionality and removal of architectural barriers, themes that the University puts into practice every day, not only in research but also in the design of the building itself.

The place in which the indoor elevator was installed is a modern two-story openspace restaurant, decorated with large windows, ethnic revisited majolica and paneled panels that recall the contemporary architecture of the newly-constructed North-European universities.

As it is also a dynamic space that sees the movement of a continuous flow of people, even affected by motor disabilities, the Suite indoor elevator had to respond to both practical accessibility and environmental compatibility needs.

Energy efficiency, removal of architectural barriers, personalized aesthetics: this is why the choice fell on NOVA Suite indoor lift.

The secret of a perfect installation

The Suite indoor elevator is equipped with opposite accesses with telescopic stainless steel sliding doors.

The indoor elevator cabin is in fact spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair and is equipped with a round stainless steel handrail to make it more comfortable to support or to put backpacks and bags.

Finally, the PVC floor of the elevator is particularly robust and practical due to its natural characteristic of treading stresses.

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