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The Suite Lift panoramic home lift for the confort of an attic in Nimes, South of France

Elegant shapes for the indoor home lift installed in Nimes.


The indoor Suite Lift was installed in a private residence in the city centre of Nimes, very close to the the amazing romans monuments as the Maison Carrèe and Arena.

Why the Suite Lift home lift?

During the refurbishment, the owners of an attic placed in the city centre of Nimes chose to install an indoor Suite Lift to grant confort. NOVA Elevators designed and manufactured an elegant home lift to match perfectly the style of home interior.

How was the home lift designed and manufactured?

This indoor unit was made with a panoramic steel structure placed in the private stairwell which allows to reach the attic on the top floor of the building. The cabin was designed with two panoramic walls and the colors were selected to match the doors and the structure.

The secret of a perfect installation

The landing swing doors are equipped with recessed handles and on the structure uprights are preadjusted to install led stairs lightings.

Furthermore, the pit devices were designed to leave a mosiac placed on the lift floor.

The home lift design and the installation were made considering every litlle details to provide the client an homelift perfectly matching his home style, as the unit has been always there since the beginning.

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