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The next level of customization: Suite indoor lift in a farm villa in Bologna

Is there really a Suite homelift installed behind the door? All is possible for NOVA Elevators.


In springtime, Bologna countryside dresses the fresh colours of blossoms and green sceneries. Here NOVA Elevators installed an indoor Suite lift in a restored farm surrounded by the flatland countryside.

Why the Suite lift elevator?

The owners of the farm villa wanted to easily move inside their house thanks to an indoor lift that would fit the house furniture. They also wanted the home lift to be the least invasive as possible and to integrate in the interior design of the villa. In other words, they searched for a fully customized interior design solution, and NOVA provided it.

Suite home lift is definitely the next level of customization!

How was the home lift designed?

NOVA Elevators designed an indoor lift with a masonry shaft and a swing door that perfectly matches the home forniture and the style of the farm.

The indoor Suite home lift was installed behind a blind swing door in Graph model. The minimalist style and white colour of the door fully match the wooden home doors ensuring the integration of the home lift project to the rest of the villa.

The secret of a perfect installation

Detailed by design: the attention to the interior design of the countryside villa allowed for the installation of an indoor lift that is a furniture itself.

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