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The modern look of the Suite home lift in the French Provence

The Suite home lift was chosen for its modern design and installed in a farmhouse family house in the heart of the Provence region.


In Montélimar, the landscapes, lush vegetation and architecture remind us that we find ourselves in the heart of Provence. Wheatfields and lavender, centuries-old olive trees, gentle hills, oil mills, charming villages with characteristic stone houses.

It is only a few kilometres from the centre of the village that customer Sorea Ascenseurs commissioned NOVA Elevators to design a Suite home lift for the Lerat family.

How was the Suite home lift designed and manufactured? 

The home lift reflects the minimalist furnishing of the house, without renouncing to an elegant and contemporary design :

  • 4-floor home lift in masonry shaft and 90° car entrances
  • the cabin walls are covered with organic plastic laminate in white Skinplate colour
  • the floor is in black PVC
  • the lify cabin is equipped with en emergency button for the users safety

The secret of a customised installation

The farmhouse has been owned by the Lerat family since three generations. It has a traditional design: stone and exposed wooden beams, dark parquet flooring, rustic and cosy furnishing elements.

Yet, the family did not want to renounce to the convenience of an indoor modern lift :

“The Suite Home Lift has improved our life quality of life allowing us to move easily between the four floors of the house without always using the stairs”.

The home lift installed by Sorea Ascenseurs fits discreetly into the traditional furnishings and enriches them with modern lines.

The customer was offered the customisation of the home lift doors, which are of different models and colours for each level of the house.

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