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Suite Lift for a city condo

NOVA eLEVATORS realizes what seems impossible in very narrow shafts by increasing the value of your home and your daily comfort.

Why choose Suite Lift for your home

The installation is in a building from the ’70s without provisions for an external lift.

NOVA came up with a customized solution matching the aesthetics of the building. Moreover the offers from competitors were not fullfilling the need for accessibility because in their projects a ramp was always needed to reach the top floor.

The solution provided by NOVA solved the accessibility issue, and increased the value of the building itself at the same time.

Mr. Risi would have been forced to move from his house because of the lack of accessibility in the absence of the solution provided by NOVA.

How was the lift designed and manufactured?

The aesthetics, finishes and materials for the cabin and the cabin doors have been chosen by the residents.

The SUITE elevator is equipped with :

  • automatic sliding door,
  • mirror car wall increasing the depth effect,
  • intuitive car operating panel.

What leads a perfect installation

The customized walkway was the key factor making the competitive advantage against competitors. The solution provided by NOVA made the residents more confident about the elevator. The aesthetics was also appreciated.

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