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Scenic Lift for a bank in Australia

NOVA Elevators’ partner Direct Lifts Australia installed an indoor scenic lift with custom finishes within a credit institution in Hornsby, Australia.

Where is the Suite Lift installed?

The panramic lift Suite Lift was installed in Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia, inside a ANZ bank branch.

Why the scenic lift?

The bank intended to provide a high-level Customer Service and desired an scenic lift that would break down architectural barriers, thus confirming their message to customers: we are efficient, we are solid, we are at your service.

Thanks to the customization carried out by NOVA Elevators in design phases, the panoramic indoor lift fully responded to the functional requirements of efficiency and solidity, perfectly integrating with the indoor areas of the branch.

The secret of a perfect installation

The hydraulic Suite Lift chosen for the installation is housed in a NOVA INCAS metal shaft in satin stainless steel with transparent crystals.

The specific features of the installation are:

  • 400 kg load capacity
  • 2 stops
  • panoramic automatic doors
  • stainless steel cabin with Douglas Vanilla finishes and frosted glass wall
  • granite floor


Photos provided by DirectLifts

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