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People Elevation Company: NOVA partner of the future


We elevate and inspire people: this is the concept behind our payoff, “People Elevation Company”. Nova Elevators’ tagline embodies not only the company’s 30-years history but also all the people that made and still make NOVA loyal to corporate responsibility and capable of understanding the dreams and necessities of the near future.

Telling the technological, economic, and social value of Nova Elevators means to experience society through a path marked by a multitude of gazes and experiences, united by passion and professionalism.

Dynamism, Loyalty, Vision of the Future

These are the keywords that represent the pathway of the elevation company. Words closely related to each other that fully capture a journey that began in 1992, when the company began to take its first steps focusing its productive force on the production of cabins for third parties.

Nova believes that dynamism is the key to evolution since it allows us to interpret changes within our ecosystem and adapt in the best possible way. For this reason, the Incas models were born in 2001, the metal shafts that combine strength and aesthetics to ensure both safety and design. The attention to the smallest details is key to harmoniously combine the homelift in the environment itself, merging perfectly with the style of the building. The path unfolds through acquisitions (as of SIMAS in 2005), integrations (mechanics in 2007), and close-knit teamwork to ensure efficient production of complete home lifts (starting from 2008).

This last step represents a fundamental change of pace: without a correct vision of the future, the entire operation would have turned out as extremely unrealistic. At the peak of the company’s production growth (and of the related turnover) NOVA decided to capitalize on itself, taking responsibility and betting on its product.

Thereby we talk about loyalty: this is the leading element that has always guided our actions and which, providing us with a double meaning: on the one hand it is trust in everything we believe, on the other hand, it is an act of responsibility. For NOVA, the commitments undertaken must be respected and the promises have to be kept. This concept can be applied to multiple perspectives, from employees to customers and after-sales assistance.

R&D: dreams count!

What happened in 2008 is emblematic and a single anecdote can explain more than a thousand catalogs.

At the peak of its growth, Nova Elevators’ CEO Fabrizio Nicoli realized that the company’s success relied on a tight supply relationship with a few industry leaders and that the brand remained unknown on the market.

Fabrizio Nicoli, NOVA Elevators’ CEO: “A small ad hoc working group was therefore created: two engineers (electrical and mechanical) and a boy with big dreams who was graduating in Mechanical Engineering, all seasoned with the contribution of an external company specialized in Communication and Marketing.

The team was the staple of the first NOVA Elevators home lift, a forerunner on the market in terms of reduced energy consumption of only 0.55 kW/h.

The young engineer had based his dissertation on the construction of the “green homelift”, and the University tutor confirmed the correct functioning of the lift. It wasn’t just an idea: it was reality!

After several years of practice and professional growth, five years ago a young engineer replied to a job advertisement as a technical manager in Nova, and today he is our Technical Director.


Time as a resource that should never be wasted

“During a marketing plan meeting, a highly experienced engineer in the elevation sector told me off in front of the group because he claimed that in a brainstorming one could say anything. I decided not to react and to follow the meeting with an open mind “.

At the end of the meeting, when everyone was about to leave, I drew the attention of the group and asked the Engineer: “How many off-site interventions could be tolerated for each participant during one of your brainstorming meetings?” His answer was sincere: “At most one per person”. This consolidated our collaboration because, right or wrong, we had the same inclination to evaluate time as a resource that should never be wasted ”.


This is one of the moments that the CEO Fabrizio Nicoli remembers with pleasure to reiterate how the “time factor” is relevant for people and between people. People Elevation Company means sharing quality time and quality time.


Sales network Nova’s way: sales relationships

The Salesforce led exports to account for 60% of the company turnover. But behind the economic fact, there is the effort that NOVA people put in to accomplish that goal. In fact, in order to achieve this result it was necessary to build an adequate team, equipped with:
● language skills
● curiosity
● desire to face new challenges
● open-mind towards other cultures

What may be lacking, that is the baggage of technical skills or commercial management, can be transmitted by NOVA when people agree to do a training course within the company. What cannot be missing, in addition to the language, are the so-called “soft skills” related to the current times. For this reason, what is commonly called Sales Network for NOVA is Sales Relationship: we are immersed in the same reality, drawn to each other by shared values.

Made in Italy means knowledge and enforcement

The so-called Made in Italy is not a way of saying or appearing. It is a true status quo that requires knowledge and enforcement from the company and the employees themselves. These are two non-trivial steps: understand and put into practice.

Outside the national borders, one of our customers recently commented on our company’s professional activity: “NOVA portrays the image of a reliable brand that grows continuously“. This motivates us to pursue our goals, both in Italy and abroad, maintaining and nurturing the strong know-how we have built over time.


From management to development of HR

Talking about knowledge means taking on daily responsibilities with respect to the future. Precisely for this reason, continuous training for the company’s workforce and for external distributors (both at a technical and commercial level) represents the key point at the top of Nova Elevators’ priorities. In this regard, the next frontier will be to open a constant technical training activity for fitters and maintainers.

Human Resources are no longer to be managed, but they represent a considerably high value able to transform potential power into action. The limit to growth is only linked to the satisfaction that the individual can feel at a certain time for the results he/she has obtained.


What about the future? A promise we keep

People Elevation Company“, through the words of the CEO Fabrizio Nicoli, embodies a fundamental concept: “We physically help people to overcome vertical ground difference. But why don’t we pay the same attention to the human and professional side to those who collaborate in NOVA to increase the corporate spirit and awareness of target values?

This vision leads to ongoing development, which allows us to offer a solid and transparent perspective. From energy efficiency, understood as a value for us and a duty towards future generations, to promises that are already a reality: in 2017, on the company’s 25th birthday, the shareholders made a commitment in front of their partners: to carry on the project for the next 25 years.

NOVA is a young man in the prime of his life, in the ideal mental conditions and enthusiasm to face the next half-century.


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