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Panoramic Suite Lift with electric drive on Bologna hills

An electric NOVA Suite for an efficient home lift to be used throughout the year.

Where is the Suite lift installed?

In a condominium in Calderino, on the Bolognese hills. To make the condominium floors accessible, an electric Suite lift was installed with direct landing on the terraces of the different levels.

Why a Suite home lift with electric drive?

The condominium is located in a town situated on the hills of Bologna, where in winter the temperature can become particularly rigid, so the electric version of Suite Lift was suggested. The electric motor, in fact, does not present any operating problems related to the external climatic conditions, while the oil inside the hydraulic drive could undergo variations in viscosity depending on the temperature and cause a lower efficiency of the system.

How the Suite lift designed?

The lift was designed with great attention to aesthetics: the external frame is formed by a buffered structure with stopsol reflective crystals, fixed with special “DESENZANO” glazing beads. The panoramic cabin is finished in stainless steel and closed with a folding door, while the “Greta” model in glass with painted metal profiles was chosen for the doors on the floor.

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