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Outdoor panoramic Suite lift in the Mosel River Valley in Germany

In Germany, in Cochem, NOVA Elevators installed a splendid panoramic outdoor elevator whose extra-clear crystals allow visitors to admire the spectacle offered by the Mosel river valley.


The panoramic outdoor elevator Suite was installed in Cochem, in the Mosel river valley, Germany.

Why the elevator for the house Suite lift?

The owner of the house is an elderly gentleman who, due to health problems, was no more able to climb the stairs and wished to continue having free and safe access to his home.

NOVA Elevators was chosen because it proposed a project that has replaced an old non-working construction hoist with a lift that is beautiful to see and that fits perfectly with the surrounding environment. Functionality and design at the service of people.

How the elevator has been built

The installed elevator is a hydraulic lift that allows users to admire the view thanks to:

The secret of a perfect installation

NOVA Elevators also took care of the necessary masonry works, enlarging the exit hole from the garage in order to install the structure in an easy and safe way.

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