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Outdoor lift in Bologna Savena district

The attention to the details and best solutions for the outdoor lift installed in Bologna.


The outdoor lift for apartment building was built in the Fifties and has been installed outdoor.

Why the Suite homelift?

The client selected Nova after asking many offers because the Suite solution was better in terms of costs, customization, client satisfaction of owners requirements. Because not all co-owners agreed, only the key-holders can operate the cabin.

How was the lift designed and manufactured?

The stairwell dimensions did not allow the indoor installation so that the Suite was installed succesfully outside. The clients selected the structure, painted according to RAL standards, with mirror glass cladding and Nova provided bridge links to allow the wheelchairs and disabled people to enter with confort and easily.

The car walls are in skinplate and the car door is automatic sliding in brushed stainless steel, while the landing doors are swing Marilyn model with glass window and recessed handle.

The secret of a perfect installation

This installation of this outdoor lift for the apartment building in Bologna was made considering all details, providing an handy lift to co-owners, with elegant finishes matching perfectly the building style.

Nova took care of the cabin temperature providing even an air conditioning system.

People even stop on the street to look the beauty of this Suite outdoor homelift!

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