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Outdoor Home Lift Suite Lift surrounded by the mountains in Switzerland

NOVA Elevators designed and manufactured an outdoor Home Lift Suite Lift in Switzerland. Installation performed by the local partner LSM Mobility.

At 1050m above sea level, the village of Champéry is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Switzerland.

The village street, with its many traditional chalets with carved wooden balconies and the typical shape of its roofs, seduces with the charm of small boutiques, bars and restaurants.

NOVA Elevators created the perfect solution for this holiday destination “carved” in wood and stone.

The outdoor Suite Lift installation connects the floors of the chalet that hosts skiers and hikers. The INCAS metal shaft, in the “Pisco” version, is made with with clear glass and Chocolate Brown RAL painting 8016.

A winning aesthetic choice to combine the need for vertical lifting for hotel managers and the historical existing building, characterized by the great architectural impact of natural wood.

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