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Outdoor home lift installed at the top of a WW II bunker in Germany

A very peculiar installation: an outdoor NOVA Elevators home lift installed in an anti-aircraft artillery bunker in Germany!

Autumn 2020, Germany. We received a very special request from an Architect based in Bremen through our German partner: to install a lift necessary to connect his villa, located at the top of a WWII anti-aircraft artillery bunker, to the street level.

The request: the outdoor home lift needed to connect the elevated villa entrance to the street level

The installation that our partner brought us into was undoubtedly out of the ordinary, not only because of the special architectural project – which involved the recovery of the disused bunker and the construction of a modern and prestigious villa on its top – but also for the functionality of the home lift itself, which is conceived as an access door to the villa in all respects.

The entrance to the villa is raised – it is located between the third and fourth floor of the building – and can only be reached by walking along an external staircase. Therefore, an elevator was needed to access the building: it had to be designed in perfect harmony with the style of the building, characterized by the reinforced concrete bunker, steel structures painted in shades of gray, and the modern villa, with large glass windows.

The customer idea was to install the elevator on the side of the building facing the street, near the sidewalk – in a clearly visible area, but with a little space available for the elevator – and to transform the home lift into a second entrance to the villa, to be protected with a security PIN and with a video intercom system integrated with the home automation system, all in full compliance with precise energy efficiency requirements.

The solution: a Suite Lift outdoor home lift by NOVA Elevators

A made-to-measure home lift, versatile, with materials and finishes that matched the architectural style of the building.

“We designed an outdoor home lift with reduced pit, thermal-resistant lift doors, and steel, and glass metal shaft, to guarantee a perfect aesthetic result and to meet the energy efficiency needs of the architect” explains NOVA Elevators Sales Manager for the German-speaking countries.

NOVA Sales Area Manager and the Technical Department, together with the German partner, suggested an outdoor Suite Lift home lift with the following features:

  • Reduced Pit – this is a solution that allows the installation of a mini-lift in the most peculiar architectural contexts, especially when the space available for the shaft structure at the bottom is reduced.
  • A weather-proof landing door (Marylin TH), developed to reduce thermal transmittance and meet the project’s energy efficiency needs.
  • Steel and glass metal shaft with wide safety glasses to ensure a panoramic view; dusty grey RAL paint (7037) to perfectly match the home lift with the architectural style of the building.
  • Panoramic walls inside the car to enjoy the view during the vertical travel.
  • Access protected by secret codes with an external PIN keypad.
  • Integration of the video intercom system with the home automation system provided by the architect.

The Voice of those who trust NOVA Elevators 

“We have been collaborating with NOVA Elevators for several years because it is a reliable, serious, and innovative company. As always, even in the case of the Bremen installation, their expertise, combined with the versatility of NOVA products and solutions – the homelift NOVA Suite and the Incas glass and steel shaft – was decisive, as it allowed the client to obtain an aesthetic perfectly in line with the project. The technical characteristics of the proposed solution have allowed a perfect adaptation to the specific constraints of the project – limited floor space and very small pit due to the presence of a pedestrian sidewalk – and to the housing needs of our customer, in particular, the need to protect the access to the mini-lift located on the street level and compliance with energy efficiency criteria. NOVA Elevators carried out the work quickly, promptly responding to customer requests during the design phase and delivering the home lift even before the expected and confirmed date. ” – NOVA Elevators partner for the German market.

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