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Outdoor elevator with unique metal shaft for a college in Australia

Safety, comfort and customisation with the Suite Lift outdoor elevator installed in a University campus.

Where is the Suite Lift outdoor elevator installed?

The customised Suite Lift with metal shaft was installed by our partner Direct Lifts Australia in the outdoor yard of a college in Bankstown, NSW, Australia.

Why choosing the Suite Lift?

The Suite Lift designed and manufactured by NOVA Elevators was chosen for several reasons:

  • guaranteed safety for an elevator to be used by teenagers;
  • finishes and accessories that make the ride more comfortable, like the satin stainless steel handrail inside the cabin;
  • Suite Lift cabin is provided in compliance with local standards on accessibility and transport of people with limited mobility or on a wheelchair

The wide range of possible customizations and the reliability and competence of NOVA Elevators convinced the college representatives.

The Suite Lift was the ideal solution to connect the various floors of the dormitory, making the accommodation accessible for everyone.

How was the Suite Lift built?

The outdoor elevator Suite Lift has been designed with the following features:

  • hydraulic drive with opposite car access in metal structure;
  • maximum duty load of 400 kg;
  • 3 stops;
  • automatic sliding doors;
  • stainless steel Skinplate cabin;
  • PVC floor: easy-to-clean and anti-slip, the ideal solution for high-traffic surfaces
  • NOVA INCAS metal shaft for outdoor installation covred with steel panels

The shaft and the lamding doors are painted in the same colour of the existing metal accessories, as well as the ventilation system and the shelter that protects the students from the rain.

The college students friendly named the Suite Lift “The Smurf”!

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