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Oudoor home lift Suite Lift in a block-of-flats


The outdoor home lift Suite Lift is installed in a newly built block-of-flats in Northern Italy.

The secret of a perfect installation

The installation of the Suite Lift outdoor home lift enhances the accessibility and the modern design of the condo, thanks to the cladding with STOPSOL glasses.

This type of cladding for home lift metal structures guarantees a high level of privacy thanks to the reflective coating, and also offers excellent light and energy performance.

Features of the outdoor home lift

Metal Structure

  • Tiwanaco-E model
  • STOPSOL glass cladding (grey colour)
  • Ventilation windows at the first and second floor
  • 3 bridge links to connect the metal structure to the property
  • RAL paint in dusty grey (7037)
  • “Guest” operation on the door to access the enclosed lift entrance (a closed and protected compartment to enter the metal shaft)

Cabin Finishes :

  • 3-stops installation with hydrauilic drive
  • Car floor by the Customer
  • White roof with 4-LED spotlights
  • Wall and cabin finishes in grey Skinplate (N1)
  • Sliding landing doors in standard RAL paint (7037) dusty grey


  • Alarm bell
  • LED lamps cabin light with stand-by energy-saving mode and emergency light at power off
  • Automatic relevelling and emergency release operations in case of power failure

Command and Signals:

  • Central Operating Panel: call buttons, alarm button, overload signal and emergency STOP
  • At landing: call buttons, present and busy cabin illuminated signals, alarm bell
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