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NOVA Elevators Training Days March 2021

Nova Elevators is once again hosting “NOVA Elevators Training Days”.

The training of technicians and maintainers of the Suite Lift Residential Lifts continues in compliance with Safety Practices to safeguard the health of the workers and collaborators, despite the demanding health situation.

The operativity on the field cannot be stopped and the “NOVA Elevators Training Days” allowed 3 professional technicians, from companies collaborating with NOVA, to refine their skills through an exchange of ideas and experiences with NOVA product experts.

The training course for installation technicians of the Suite Lift Mini Lifts also encourages the establishment of a strong human relationship within the work environment.

training days


The “NOVA Elevators Training Days” technical training days are the result of the organizational synergy of the Company Management, the Marketing Office, the Technical Office, the Customer Care, and the Commercial Office: a cohesive work-team that emphasizes the company’s commitment to consolidate relationships with Italian and foreign partners.

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