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NOVA Elevators for the 70th anniversary from the disappearance of Giuseppe Fanin

A parterre of cultural and religious events planned by the Archdiocese of Bologna commemorates the citizen of San Giovanni in Persiceto who was killed on 4th November 1948.

NOVA Elevators sponsored the celebrations in memory of Giuseppe Fanin, killed at only 24 years old during the civil uprisings of the second post-war period.

Together with the Archdiocese, the Municipality of San Giovanni in Persiceto, the cinema-theatre Fanin and the bank Emilbanca, NOVA supported the organization of a packed weekend of meetings, debates and projections involving the local schools and the community.

In an atmosphere of confrontation and reflection on issues related to the world of work, the legacy of Giuseppe Fanin is imbued with values ​​that the Archdiocese addresses in particular to young people: determination in their choices, humility, charitable spirit, defense of the dignity of work and social justice.

NOVA is proud to have participated as a sponsor in this activity, which was not just commemorative but especially educational towards the many young people who collaborated.

said Fabrizio Nicoli, CEO of the company.


The meeting Fair work, good work (Lavoro giusto, lavoro buono) held at Cineteatro G. Fanin.

(broadcasted on Nettuno TV)


Watch the trailer The best years of our life (I migliori anni della nostra vita).


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