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Installation of an indoor Giotto round lift in Lugano

The elegance of the shining round shapes of Giotto homelift installed in a villa on the beautiful world-famous Lake of Lugano.


In a marvellous villa nearby the lake, in a high-class residential district. The round lift was installed in a dedicated area, in the middle of the stairwell, with a view on the lake of Lugano, in Switzerland.

Why the round lift Giotto?

The elegance of the lines, the brightness of the glass and the brushed stainless steel of the Giotto round lift were the best finishes to satisfy the request of this client. The round lift was installed in a dedicated area, adjacent to the round marble stair; the stair walls are in glass to view the lake. In this context, the Giotto round lift gives value to the location and allow to enjoy the view of the lake.

How was the lift designed and manufactured?

The lift was manufactured with great attention to the finishes: the outside structure was cladded by polished stainless steel and glass, same as the cabin.

The secret of a perfection installation

To reduce the risk of issues during the installation, Nova installed the unit in the production plant first.

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