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Indoor Suite Home Lift with a very narrow shaft

Successful installation of an indoor home lift in a narrow shaft to increase home accessibility, especially for people with impaired mobility.

Where is the Suite Lift installed?

In a very narrow shaft in a residential block-of-flats in Italy, near Bologna.

Why the Suite Lift home lift?

For many years Mr. Zacchi and his wife have been living in a block-of-flats near the city centre and tried to convince the neighbours to install a home lift. Mr. Zacchi was afraid by the real risk of moving house, because accessing upper floors was becoming harder and lifting heavy bags along the stairs caused imporant mobility problems. NOVA Elevators successfully found the solution to provide a comfortable indoor elevator so that Mr. Zacchi could keep living in his house without moving.

How is the Suite Lift designed?

The attention to the detailes of NOVA engineers and technicians helped to find the best solution to satisfy Mr. Zacchi and his neighbors. The indoor elevator was installed inside a very narrow shaft, with automatic operation in the cabin, handrail and door opening of 700 mm.

The indoor elevator was extremely important to overcome architectural barriers and accessibility issues which caused problems of vertical mobility for wheelchairs, strollers and people with physical impairments.

The secret of a perfect installation

Being able to provide an homelift to be installed in a narrow shaft that could be ride by disabled people was not easy. The door opening of 700 mm, wide enough for wheelchair was appreciated by all people living in that block.

Despite the very narrow shaft, the indoor elevatoir complies with the existing norms on accessibility and home lifts installation.

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