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Indoor lift NOVA Suite for a palace in Liberty Style

Personalization, silence, aesthetics.

NOVA Elevators installed an indoor lift NOVA Suite in an historical palace in the ancient town of Belfort, France.


The indoor home lift NOVA Suite has been installed in the town of Belfort, France, by the local partner of NOVA, Elevadom.

The ancient town boasts an extraordinary urban architecture, ranging form the Germanic-style town centre, the typical French city division into districts and the belle epoque mansions in Liberty style. This is what makes Belfort a unique place for the history of architecture.

How was the SuiteLift designed?

The indoor lift NOVA Suite was chosen to solve the accessibility problems for the apartment owners without affecting the aesthetics of the building.

The contemporary design of the entrance hall is characterized by an impressive staircase with a handrail in wood and black iron, where the indoor elevator perfectly fits with its panoramic structure painted in black RAL paint.

The white lift cabin is in Skinplate, an organic plastic laminate easy to wash and particularly indicated for homelift installations.

The interior walls of the lift cabin are in white A4 tone and black PVC floor. The landing swing door Marylin, with central panoramic glass and hidden handle comple the elevator.

The panoramic wall of the elevator and the glass wall of the cabin enhance the width of the lift car and preserve the natural light of the stairwell.

The secret of a perfect installation

Customization, silence, aesthetics. The design of the indoor lift NOVA Suite and its silence determined the success of the installation in Belfort, and solved the home mobility and the accessibility problems of the apartment owners.

They commented:

This indoor lift has really changed our life!

The home lift NOVA Suite fits perfectly the architecture of the building: it seems as if it has always been there!

It is so silent that I ask myself if it’s really working!

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