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Interior Design Solutions with Giotto Round Home Lift

The Giotto glass round home lift interprets the aestetic trend of the contemporary architecture in a luxury villa in the UK.


Right in the middle of the villa, within the stairwell, the Giotto round home lift gives more prestige to the elegant building.

The round structure becomes itself a main element of the building and enhances its design.

Why the round home lift Giotto?

The end user supported by NOVA local dealer Amalgamated Platform Lifts, chose Giotto round home lift because it matched perfectly the aesthetics of the villa.

NOVA Elevators was able to design and manufacture the round home lift to be installed in the stairwell with elegant finishes and provided a bespoke solution.

How was the home lift designed and manufactured?

The circular lift was manufactured with cladding structure and cabin lift in glass and painted steel.

The transparent curved glass, with curved landing doors, and the painted steel in light gray (RAL 7047) give brightness to the indoor areas.

The secret of a perfect installation

NOVA constantly follows the trends of contemporary architecture in order to design and install modern and refined lifts.

The round shapes and the exclusive finishes of the Giotto circular lift intensify the refined architecture of the villa, becoming itself a prestigious element of the house.

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