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Giotto Round Elevator in a private villa in Australia

NOVA Elevators installed a Panoramic Round Homelift in a private villa in Australia.


The round panoramic homelift with hydraulic drive and two stops was installed in a private villa in Applecross, Western Australia.

Why Giotto round elevator?

The owner of the luxury villa chose NOVA Elevators because he desired “a homelift like no other”. He wanted to install the round panoramic homelift in full-sight inside the stairwell and entrance of the house, which is elegantly refurbished.

The round elevator needed to become a design element inside the architecture of the villa and to the fit the interior design, with marble statues, wooden floors and fine paitings.

At the end of the installation, the client was so satisfied with the aesthetic and fuctional result and the bespoken solutions that he asked NOVA include an additional stop at the lower floor for the garage area.

How was the round elevator designed?

The round panoramic elevator was realized with two stops, hydraulic drive and a duty load of 300 kg.

The main features of the homelift are:

  • cylindric metallic shaft in stainless steel and ultra light crystal
  • semicircula lift car with curved lines and curved walls
  • crystal swing doors in full-glass with crystal handle
  • mechanic components painted with the same colour of the metal shaft
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