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Disabilities and Rights: International Day of People with Disability

The International Day of People with Disability, celebrated around the world on December 3rd, emphasizes the need to unite against any kind of barrier, not only the architectural, but also the cultural and social ones.

The Day was established by the Global Action Program for Disabled People adopted in 1982 by the UN, an opportunity to underline how important it is to promote and to act towards the rights and well-being of people with any kind of disability.

People with disabilities have the right to live in their own families and homes, to access the places of education, the public life, to contribute to the common good through their work.

There are three million and one hundred thousand people with disabilities in Italy, equal to 5.2% of the population, among whom the elderly are the most affected.

The International Day of People with Disability is strongly supported by NOVA Elevators to break down physical barriers that limit the possibility to access freely to the public and private spaces of everyday life. 

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