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Crash test by NOVA engineers on the glass lift

The glass swing doors Kristal and Greta were tested for safety compliance according to EN 81-20 standards.

The NOVA Elevators technical office reproduced the crash test with a soft pendulum and a rigid pendulum on the swing doors of NOVA Suite home elevators and NOVA Giotto round lifts.

The Kristal panoramic door, in full glass, and the Greta model, with large central glass and metal profiles, have been tested with a crash test that reproduces the impact of a person of 75 kg at 11 km/h (soft pendulum test) and an object of 10 kg at 11 km/h (rigid pendulum test) against the lift door.

The landing doors for Suite lift and Giotto round elevator are built in compliance with the UNI EN 81-20 standards, the safety norms established by the certification bodies for the construction and installation of home elevators and lift components.

Will Kristal and Greta lift doors pass the crash test?

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