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Comfortable and accessible offices in Germany with an indoor panoramic elevator

Steel and crystal for an indoor lift with an elegant and clean design, perfect for making an office building accessible.


The Suite lift was installed in a small office building in a company on the outskirts of Ludwigshafen.

Why the Suite homelift?

In response to the need of some employees and to respond to local regulations regarding the accessibility of offices, an indoor Suitelift lift was chosen because it allows having a system within the available spaces and is equipped, simultaneously, with a door light (800 mm) and cabin size (1100×1300) meeting the regulatory requirements for use by disabled personnel in wheelchairs.

How was the Suite lift designed and manufactured?

The system was installed with a panoramic metal structure, made of satin-finished stainless steel and crystal, as well as the entire cabin and landing doors to give uniformity to the environment in which it is located: the existing stairs, in fact, are equipped with of handrails in the same finish.

The cabin, designed to accommodate the floor chosen by the customer, has two panoramic walls for greater visibility and to give a sense of greater space inside. It is equipped with a handrail and a reclining plexiglass seat on the back wall to make the ride even easier, especially for users with some motor difficulties.

The secret of a perfect installation

NOVA Elevators has been chosen for its tailor-made products that combine comfort and design and to offer and implement a solution that meets the customer’s dimensional and regulatory needs.

The Suite indoor panoramic elevator also gives further prestige to the environment in which it is used.


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