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Busto Arsizio, an elegant Residential Homelift in the historic courtyard

Can a Residential Lift be installed in a historic building while maintaining the harmony of the architecture?
Of course, and indeed, more can be done: integrating technology into living spaces, creating new light illusions, and nurturing a new perspective on aesthetics.

This is what Nova Elevators achieved collaborating with our technicians and engineers in Busto Arsizio, one of the most populated municipalities in Lombardy that hosts several Liberty and Déco historic buildings.

History meets technological progress

Italy is dotted with small, medium, and large ancient buildings, built before 1919: according to ISTAT, National Institution of Statistics, the number is around 2 million.

This huge number makes us understand how the history of our beautiful country is intertwined in the real life of people. All this leads us to a fundamental question: can we intervene to generate comfort and grace even where technological integration is difficult? We approached the work of the Busto Arsizio residential complex with respect and humility, two essential values when dealing with Italian history.

We started from a simple need: to install a Homelift to improve comfort in reaching the apartments located on the upper levels of the building. Achieving customer satisfaction comes easy when the team consists of people capable of professionalism and passion for their work. Nothing is impossible.

Residential lift for historic buildings?

Yes, but analysis and organization are needed.
Given the complexity of the architectural aggregate, it was essential to adopt the right approach from the start. Precisely for this reason, we used the 3D Laser Scanning technology, the electronic tool that has allowed us to optimize the timing and the necessary steps to create a three-dimensional digital model of the historic building.


The solution: Suite Lift, precision and aesthetic sense

The real challenge was not to insert a lift outside the building but to install an elevator inside a courtyard full of historical facets. In the words of the surveyor:

“The idea was to create an elevating platform to be integrated in the best possible way within the refined surroundings of the courtyard architectural complex. Thanks to Nova and the comparisons with the technicians it was possible to integrate the “new” with the existing, having the least possible impact on the housing structure “


NOVA’s Suite Lift line allowed us to achieve the utmost customization and versatility was, a Made in Italy home lift that blends in with the style of the environment in which it is installed, ecologically efficient, and with low consumption.


From materials to aesthetics, nothing is left to chance

The Suite Lift’s material finishes have given the product a modern and contemporary look, in contrast with the aesthetics of the renovated building in which it is inserted. The result is flawless, the metal structure and the transparent glasses create light illusions across every surface of the lift, allowing the passengers to enjoy the natural light.






The decorative path of the ancient residence, punctuated by arches and Greek frets, was thus enriched by the modernity of the imposing installation placed inside the internal courtyard.


Attention to detail and design based on the space and style of the environment is what differentiates Nova Elevators from many other companies and which we always adopt, in all our installations.
The combination of these two aspects allows us to create a really functional piece of furniture that integrates perfectly with the residence, in harmony with the owner’s taste.



Delivery and installation on time

The delivery of the lift on-site took place according to the expected timing, consequently to a detailed phase of analysis and study and a second one designated to the production. The assembly was the result of Nova Elevators’ team of fitters who, despite the complexity of the structure of the historic building, managed to install the elevator painstakingly and in a short time.


The words of the client:

“The Experience with Nova Srl. is completely positive, from the first consultation to the final realization of the work. I found in the aforementioned company professionalism and competence and, above all, the ability to fully satisfy the customer’s requests. Specifically, the work I commissioned was carried out according to the required technical and architectural needs. The timing of completion, an element of no small importance, has also been fully respected ”.

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