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A special tailor made home lift for a block of flats in Venice

Unique shape for a home lift installed in Venice

Where is the home lift installed?

For a block of flats downtown in Venice, NOVA Elevators just completed the indoor installation with a really special shape.

Why the Suite Lift elevator?

The request coming from the flats owners was to install an home lift in a trapezoid shape shaft without carrying out building works. NOVA Elevators succed to design and manufacture an indoor home lift fully tailor made.

How was the home lift designed and manufactured?

In order to satisfy the request and respect the location, NOVA Elevators designed and manufactured a special RAL painted steel structure with glass cladding with special uprights. The unique solution in the pit allowed to maintain the entrance in the basement.

The cabin has an unusual shape with adjacent entrances to reach all floors. NOVA Elevators installed handrails on the steel structure to grant conformt and safety.

The secret of a perfect installation

Once again, NOVA Elevators prooved to be able to satisfy unusual requests, matching the technical matters with finishes.

The flats owners showed all their respect and satisfatcion: despite the shaft shape, the home lift gives the block more value and allows to reach all floors, improving the quality of daily life of flats owners.

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