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A scenic vision for the healthcare sector

Giotto Case History: pre-installation, technical checks, packaging and transport.

The round lift Giotto is designed by NOVA Elevators and installed by our partner Classe Srl, under the commission of the international architecture studio Sartoretto Verna.

The scenic round home lift was the perfect choice to connect the ground floor and the upper floor of the pharmacy Fleur de Vie in Luxembourg.

Elevate With Style

Being an elevator installed inside a very modern pharmacy, which also includes a rehabilitation and healthcare center, the architect opted for the installation of a lift large enough to accommodate a wheelchair with a second user, without affecting the overall minimalist concept of the project.

The secret of a perfect installation

  • The elevator is installed inside a circular metal shaft in transparent glass with light gray varnish (RAL 7073), perfectly inserted in the modern architecture of the pharmacy among copper-look and steel decorations;
  • the automatic folding door in transparent glass and the automatic swing door (Kristal model) in full-glass denote a clean and neat aesthetic refinement;
  • the circular lift is equipped with a white LED indicator that projects on the ground the opening radius of the automatic swing door;
  • the swing door is installed with an automatic opening system that allows the use of the elevator in complete autonomy and safety;
  • removal of architectural barriers: it is possible to reach the first floor enjoying a comfortable space and a panoramic view, even with wheelchairs, strollers, crutches or shopping bags, together with another user.
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