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A narrow lift installed in Bologna

Flexible dimensions of the elevators made the difference in an an apartment building in Bologna.


Installed in a block in Bologna. The Suite Lift home lift was installed in the tiny stairwell.

Why to buy a Suite home lift?

Suite Lift home lift is the only home lift that can easily fit into particularly narrow staicases. Its flexible dimensions have made it possible to insert a lift in a space of only 68 cm.

How is the home lift manufactured?

The client selected the hydraulic drive Suite Lift model: the car walls are in white Skinplate and brushed stainlees steel frames.

You can enjoy the glass walls so that you can see the panorama without feeling the claustrophobia. The handrail and the cop are in brushed stainless steel.

The secret of a perfect installation

All the structure does not requires screw outside and it is possible to install all components, glass cladding included, from the inside of the shaft. This allows to be more precise and less issues during the installations

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