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120 mm pit for an indoor panoramic home lift in Nördlingen, Germany

Thanks to its flexible dimensions, the indoor panoramic home lift met the needs of a family living in the town of Nördlingen, Bavaria (Germany).


In the old town of Nördlingen, in the northwest of Bavaria, NOVA Elevators installed an indoor panoramic Suite Lift in a three-storey private house, divided into several flats with underground parking.

Why the Suite Lift Home Lift?

The owners of this house were looking for an indoor lift that could be installed in the middle of the stairwell and respected the sizes available, with a 120 mm minimum pit.

NOVA Elevators has designed and built a custom-made indoor lift in line with the customers’ needs.

How is the home lift manufactured?

The indoor Suite Lift is manufactured with a panoramic metal shaft in painted steel and glass, located in the middle of the staircase.

The car walls are in organic Skinplate in grey colour (N1), two full height-panoramic walls with an external cladding painted in black RAL as the shaft. The black PVC floor complete the car finished. Furthermore, in order to ensure more comfort during transport, the home lift is equipped with a brushed stainless steel-handrail.

The secret of a perfect installation

Upon customer’s specific request, glazed car doors with wide glasses have been installed in order to make the lift brighter and allow a panoramic view on three sides.

The glass chosen for the shaft and for the doors also reduces  the feeling of claustrophobia inside the home lift car.

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