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Scenic home lift Suite Lift for a residential building


NOVA Elevators has designed and manufactured a scenic home lift Suite Lift for a small residential building in Pietrasanta, province of Lucca.

Pietrasanta is a city of art in Versilia, suspended between the Apuan Alps and the sea.

NOVA Elevators’ local partner, GS Ascensori, oversaw the sale and installation of the Suite Lift hydraulic home lift to break down architectural barriers in a small residential building.

Characteristics of the scenic home lift

Metal shaft

  • The NOVA INCAS panoramic shaft Cuzco model is installed inside the existing stairwell
  • The metal profiles are painted in a cream color (RAL standard 9001) to obtain a clean aesthetic result within the common areas of the residential building.


  • Car finishes in Skinplate PPS11 (ivory marble effect), including the vertical pushbutton panel with “Flat” mounting (car buttons mounted on the surface)
  • Two panoramic walls allow you to enjoy the natural light that illuminates the stairwell
  • Landing swing doors ANNA model with transparent side panoramic window, recessed handle, cream RAL color
  • Automatic door opener installed on landing doors
  • White roof with 4 LED cabin lighting (standard)
  • Sabbia PVC floor, washable, wear and foot traffic resistant

Information, Safety, Energy saving:

  • In car display: LCD indicator for the information from the system
  • Telephone handset alarm system
  • Alarm bell
  • LED lamps cabin light with stand-by energy-saving mode and emergency light at power off
  • Automatic relevelling and emergency release operations in case of power failure

Command and Signals:

  • Central Operating Panel: illuminated call buttons, alarm button, overload signal.
  • At landing: call buttons, present and busy cabin illuminated signals, alarm bell


The advantages of installating a home lift Suite Lift in a residential building are different:

  • it breaks down architectural barriers, allowing even people with reduced mobility to have access to the different floors of the building: NOVA Elevators is able to install small elevators even in existing buildings or renovation projects
  • increases living comfort and quality of life: shopping bags, suitcases, water crates could be transported easily and effortlessly
  • increases the value of the property, making it a long-term investment also for future generations


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