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NOVA says NO to disposable plastic bottles

With the new water dispensers we have eliminated 3,600 disposable plastic bottles per year. Together with the 100% recyclable cups, NOVA confirms its commitment to the environment.

Carla Govoni, HR, Administration & Finance Manager: “The new micro-filtered mineral water dispensers are connected to the company water network and are for the benefit of all employees and visitors, who can take advantage of the reusable bottles instead of the old plastic bottles.”

plastic bottles

NOVA’s commitment to the Environment

The carbon footprint is the measure that expresses in kg the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with the life cycle of a product: from production, to transport, to disposal costs.

The commitment to eliminate disposable plastic continues by “banning” disposable tableware and by adopting separate and systematic waste collection in offices and production departments.

A 100 kW photovoltaic system guarantees the production of 70% of the plant’s energy needs, while the remaining 30% of energy is supplied by Repower AG and produced exclusively from renewable sources.

The eco-elevator that smiles at the environment, from the manufacturer to the user

NOVA Elevators uses innovative high-energy machinery for the construction of Suite Lift lift platforms. The Laser-Cutting machine with Optical Fiber, for example, requires 50% less power in kW than similar, more traditional machines.

The Suite Lift lift requires  very low power: the electric version with a capacity of 300 kg consumes 100 kW/h per year, with a power consumption of only 0.75 kW, just like a vacuum cleaner.

The gearless motor, which can be installed on all elevators of the Suite Lift range, is able to supply the necessary power based on the load inside the lift. It optimizes consumption in real time: if the lift is empty, in fact, it requires less power, thus reducing energy consumption.

The ERP system guarantees a really reduced annual consumption. When not in use, Suite Lift automatically shuts down the system to reactivate it when needed, just like the new cars equipped with the Start & Stop system.

Thanks to these technologies, electricity consumption is reduced by up to 70%. It can be used simultaneously with other household appliances, such as a washing machine or oven, without increasing the capacity of a normal 3 kW household.

Suite Lift electric elevators are class A certified according to VDI 4707-1 * standards, and are the ideal elevators for class A homes or for all those who believe in energy saving and invest to increase the value of their homes.

From the production plant to the end user, the energy efficiency of NOVA Elevators is a value and a duty towards future generations.

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