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NOVA Elevators in Tanzania with the volunteers of Pamoya

The little village of Ilembula (Tanzania) hosted a group of 11 young volunteers supported by NOVA Elevators, who flew to Africa to help the activities of Pamoya, a non-profit organization that has been working for 25 years to revive the social and health conditions of the community.

Over the years, the non-profit organization has contributed to founding 75 nursery schools, a hospital, several orphanages, churches, an assistance and rehabilitation center for people with disabilities, and pursues its social, educational and health goals also thanks to the valuable collaboration of volunteers , who from Italy offered their time and enthusiasm.

The young volunteers assisted the102 children of the Ilembula orphanage, contributing to the building maintenance work, collaborating in the daily tasks of the villagers, such as chopping wood and grinding corn, and sharing the life of this small welcoming community.

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