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Installation of a Giotto round elevator in Padova

The design and the elegance of the curved shapes for those who want to be different


An histrocial building, headquarter of an important bank. The building was completely refurbished and the Suite was installed indoor

Why the round lift Giotto?

The architect that was in charge of the refurbishment decided to get a new building where to install the new panoramic round lift.

A new wing of the main buinding was designed just to receive the Giotto round homelift, installed in the stairwell, where the lift claddings acting as the wall for the stairs..

How it has been manufactured

The client selected the hydraulic model round lift Giotto in white color and mirror stainless steel. All the details are extremely well finished. The cop and the handrail are in brushed stainless steel.

The secret of a perfect installation

Regarding these special units, NOVA install the lifts in its Factory before delivering the material to jobsite, reducing the number of issues.

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